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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Realtor

1.  Realtors are licensed and trained professionals.

2. Realtors are legally bound by a strict Code of Ethics and high Standard of Business Practice

3. Realtors have and Agency obligation to represent your best interests.

4. Realtors assist you with the various issues involved with your transaction including financing, legal, appraisals, real property reports, title insurance and more.

5. Only Realtors can provide instant notification to all buyers and sellers on market conditons and all new listings through CREB's auto-notification system.

6. Only Realtors can list your home on mls.ca-the number one real estate internet marketing site in Canada.

7. Realtors assist in determining the fair market value in buying or selling your home.

8. Realtorscan identify issues today so you can avoid surprises tommorow.

9. Realtorsensure that you understand every step of the transaction.

10. Realtors take the stress out of buying and selling your home.